Temple Theatre Staff

Administration and Office Staff


Mr. Roger Smith
Executive Director of The Temple Theatre
(O): (601) 693-5353
(C): (601) 678-1162
E-mail Roger

Mr. Ujjwal Kumar.

Assistant Manager At The Temple Theatre.

(C) : 601-686-1129


Theatre Pipe Organists


Mr. David Benson
Senior Organist


Mr. Ronnie White
Assistant Organist

Ross Mead, Guest Organist from New Zealand – November 2019

Mrs. Shelly Messer
Concession Stand Manager



Security and Patron Safety Detail Staff


Mr. Kirk Messer
Chief of Security and Patron Safety


Security Team

Please note, alongside those mentioned above, The Temple Theatre maintains a host of additional staff and volunteers who work tirelessly and intricately to fulfill our goal of reaching the community around us with a positive message of artistic entertainment and performance. Without the devotion of all staff and volunteers, YOUR Temple Theatre would be absolutely unable to remain open and in operation. With this in mind, we say, “Thank you!” to all who work here and all who choose The Temple as your place for entertainment and family fun!

-Mr. Roger Smith-