A very versatile facility for your important functions

  • Weddings – Wedding Parties
  • Meetings, Lectures, Small Stage Productions and Shows
  • Banquets, Dinner Theater, Dance Parties and Reunions
  • Awards Ceremonies, Graduations, Benefits and Memorials

Ballroom set up for a wedding dinner party. Up to 180 guests can be served in this configuration — in addition to the 12 VIPs on stage.

Note that there are both Classical voiced and Theater voiced organs available in this venue. (Space for those console(s) needs to be allowed for if used).

Maximum Capacities

  • Maximum permitted (Meridian Fire Department):  500
  • Seated (meeting, presentations, etc.):  500
  • Dance (Practical limit):  400
  • Seated for dining (I.E. with tables and chairs):  250