YES — IT’S BACK ON! — Temple Theatre Ballroom

YES!! This show will go on and tickets are on sale now!! The producers of this popular new STAGE PLAY are proud to announce that “FALLING IN LOVE WITH ALL THE WRONG MEN” will take place in the historic Temple Theatre Ballroom.

Ware Girl Productions presents “Lyric: Falling In Love With All The Wrong Men” written by Teambera Ware for one night only. This romantic comedy explores the love life of a young woman named Lyric. She’s a successful lady with a poetic side who, from a young age, has been taught by her mother to live by a certain set of principles. 

This play is for men and women of all ages who can relate to bad relational experiences who are or have been on a quest for Mr. or Ms. Right. Don’t let the title fool you–it’s for men too! You are in for a laugh as well as thought-provoking moments that will leave you with a conversation for the ride home. Get ready to relax, relate, and release.

  • Early Bird Tickets $25
  • Advanced Tickets $30
  • VIP Tickets $35
  • Tickets available on line at
  • Show starts promptly at 7 pm – Doors open at 6 pm