Based on a true story, this film received two rewards at the Boston International Film Festival!  Best Actor Award and Best Cinematography Award!  In the movie, “A New Spirit,” Jacob Damkani’s story dramatically tells the story of every man or woman unconcealed.  From the innocent faith to disillusionment beginning early as it does in all lives at some point.  The film also exposes the hatred and persecution graphically that messianic Jews endure in the land of Yeshua.  Jacob continues to be a passionate, mature and flawed man of God.  His story gives us hope for our own faulty efforts.  It is God who does the work.  We are his vessels to proclaim his son as Lord of all the earth. 

  • All tickets $10, available at the door

  • Doors open at 1 pm

  • Concessions available

  • Call 601 604-2937 for more details

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