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Internationally renowned for their cool precision, playful fun and daring feats of human performance art, The Acrobats of China are considered to be one of the most skilled and highly awarded Chinese Acrobatic Troupes.  Their daring feats of acrobatic skill are amazing and the beauty they bring to human performance art is breathtaking.  This troupe features over twenty acrobats from China and has been seen around the world.  The Jinan Acrobats are known for leading the way in creating new and stunning acrobatic skills and combining elegant dance with playfulness.  This will be the Jinan Troupe’s first appearance in the Meridian area!

Many are quite familiar with the “Incredible! Acrobats of China” based in Branson, Missouri, and they highly recommend their touring show with the Jinan Acrobatic Troupe as a fun show, entertaining for all ages, and unique among visiting Chinese Acrobat troupes.  It’s a circus like you’ve never seen before! Their many talents include

  • Group Bicycling
  • Juggling on Stand
  • Tight Rope
  • Aerial Fish Ballet
  • Hoop Diving
  • Hats & Spinning Plates
  • Hula Hoop
  • Diabolo (Chinese Yo Yo)

Their dramatic interpretation of classic Chinese dance highlights the fact that each province of China has its own acrobatic troupe that, while using traditional Chinese Acrobatic performances, is distinctly different in presentation, costuming, and performance style. Visit

Advanced tickets will be available on line at or at the Temple Theatre Office Tuesday-Friday, 10 am to 1 pm and 2 – 4 pm.  Call 601 693-5353 or 214 938-5656 for more information.  Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.

Premium – $40

General Admission – Adult $25    Children – $15

Family Pass (2 adult and 2 children) – $69     Military $13    Students with ID – $10