The Rails To Reels Film Festival is coming to The Temple Saturday, October 17th, 2015. Make plans to come enjoy a day filled with local film artists who have directed and created film masterpieces to be displayed and viewed in your movie palace-The Meridian Temple Theatre for the Performing Arts!

Rails to Reels is a celebration of film-making in the City of Meridian. Our goal is to bring artists together that use the art of film to expresses themselves. We believe that Meridian needs your creativity to drive our creative economy. By utilizing local business to promote our festival we know that it will only make community relationships stronger with the arts.

Ticket Prices:

All-Day Festival Pass-General Admission $25

Military and Student ID $15


One Film Block Pass

$15 per block*

*Entire day consists of 3 blocks

The Block Schedule is as follows: Rails to Reels Schedule:

Block A

10:00 am    “Colt” and “Expiration Date” directed by Felicity Flesher

10:30 am    “Captive” directed by Wade Paterson

11:15 am    “Lake Drain” directed by Jerry Griffin

1:00 pm      “Dead Saturday” directed by Benjamin Stark

Block B

2:00 pm      “Pinky Swear” directed by Chuck Jett

2:30 pm      “Footsteps” directed by Sean Taylor

2:45 pm      “Melody Gardot” Music Video by Amile Wilson

3:00 pm      “About Time” directed by Charandle Sumrall

3:45 pm      “Talkin’ Bout Blues”

Block C

5:30 pm      “Sturgis: Rallying Back” directed by Thomas Haffey

6:45 pm      “Meridian’s Flash Films” 3 Filmmakers

7:30 pm      “Stagrassle Paranormal” Directed by Glenn Payne written by Casey Dillard

8:15 pm      “First Date” Directed by Tony Boutwell

8:30 pm      “Max Peril” Directed by Max Ladner

Check out their webpage at Rails to Reels Film Festival 2015. To contact got more information, click: Rails to Reels Contact.